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The Challenger 600 is a large corporate jet, capable of flying over a range of 5,500 km at a speed of 850 km/h and possibly 6,000 km with 7-8 passengers. This jet makes a successful choice for private transatlantic flights. You can charter a Challenger 600 for 12 people on long-haul flights such as Paris - Riyadh, in just 6 hours 40 mins flight.
Technical Specifications
Cabin Length
8.60 Mt
Cabin Height
1,85 Mt
Cabin Width
2,48 Mt
Range NM
2.906 NM
Super midsize jet
Range KM
5.500 km
Speed km/h
850 km/h
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Turboprop private jets are well-suited for regional and short-range flights, as they have the ability to take off and land on shorter runways and are generally more fuel-efficient for shorter trips.
Jets suitable for short business trips for up to 4/5 people and its latest models also feature a separate lavatory. The seating arrangement allows you to spend the short travel time chatting comfortably or working with your laptop.
Super light jets have outstanding comfort in terms of cabin size and seating, a large luggage compartment and a great flight range. These jets are ideal for medium-distance travel.
Midsize jets category is suited for medium-haul flights, offering greater comfort and services, such as a "standing" cabin, large adjustable seats, extra luggage capacity and a separate toilet. They usually accommodate up to 8 passengers.
Super mid size jets that generally accommodate 8 to 9 passengers. They travel on longer routes, faster and with more comfort than the previous category of private jets. This category of jets can also be used for short intercontinental flights.
Ultra long range jets can operate intercontinental flights and accommodate up to 16 passengers in multiple cabin areas, divided into living, entertainment and sleeping areas. They offer a fully equipped kitchen that provides catering and entertainment technology.
VIP airliners are aircraft normally used for commercial flights, suitable for long-distance intercontinental travel. Equipped with VIP configurations, they can accommodate up to 50 people with cabins divided into various sections and a meeting area.
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