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Private aviation
President Voyage Jets allows you to choose your time, departure airport, and destination, including those that cannot be reached by scheduled aircraft.
Private jet charter
Charter a private jet will allows you the pleasure of traveling at your convenience and at your preferred time.
Empty leg specials
An empty jet on the way to pick-up passengers, returning to its base after dropping off passengers or it is re-positioning for a future passenger pick up.
Transient jet
An aircraft available in a specified area on the date(s) indicated, commonly used for travel originating from or near the area specified and/or for travel terminating in or near the area specified.
President Voyage Jets

The flight crew, like the jet itself, is at your service. Since you and any guests you may have aboard constitute the entire passenger list, you will have the flight attendants’ full attention.

President Voyage’s assessment of prospective carriers includes an evaluation of each jet’s crew, from the pilots to the flight attendants. The flight crew onboard a jet chartered by President Voyage Jets are experienced professionals in the field.

Our crew is discreet, attentive, hard-working and as visible as you would like them to be. Flight attendants on a chartered jet are at your service but always mindful of your privacy.


Concierge services

Every request is managed with attention to the smallest details, and with a 24/7 all-inclusive assistance, our clients are guaranteed a care-free experience.
Chauffeur service
The best solution for every transportation needed
Hotel reservation
Providing hotel & resort reservation worldwide
VIP access
Unforgettable experience in every detail
Security service
Strong, friendly, reliable for all your security needs
We offer
24-hour logistic services to every traveller
Let President Voyage Jets help you before, during and after your trip, and you will be able to fully relax and enjoy your journey when the time comes.
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