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Traveling by private jet: here are all the advantages

For those who travel a lot for business, traveling by private jet is the ideal solution

Traveling by private jet is the best solution when it comes to fast, safe and flexible travel. Especially those who travel a lot for work know how important it is to always have everything under control and taken care of in every detail. 

You may not know that the private aviation industry has seen a sharp rise in interest in recent years, with more and more people discovering the many advantages of traveling by private versus commercial aircraft.

Commercial flights can be inconvenient and limited by fixed schedules and security restrictions; private aviation, on the other hand, offers a customized and personalized experience.

Flexibility and convenience

While with commercial flights you have to adapt to predefined schedules, with President Voyage Jets you can plan your itinerary according to your personal needs.

The convenience of chartering a private jet is therefore incomparable. One of the main advantages is the flexibility in choosing landing sites. 

Private charter jets have the privilege of being able to land at any airport in the country; you decide which airport is most convenient to land at as if you own the jet.

You are in control of the pace and destinations of your trip. You are not limited by stringent schedules and time tables. You make the decisions, just like when you go out in your car. 

You can choose when, how and where you go. 

Charter a Private Jet
Fly at owner price on your favourite aircraft.

Save time and money

Private flights can be arranged according to your company’s needs, allowing you to maximize productivity based on your business needs.

President Voyage Jets allows you to have the elasticity of an automobile, but with top-level comfort and power. Leave wherever you like and arrive whenever you like. Avoid chaos and bureaucracy, and arrive on time and without fatigue. No endless lines, and more serenity.

What’s more, flying on a private jet gives you the opportunity to have confidential meetings and discussions on board, without worrying about any interruptions, while fully respecting your privacy. Private planes are designed for comfort and luxury, offering reclining seats, space to work or relax, and access to high-quality Wi-Fi connections and entertainment.

All benefits with which you secure your time, your work performance, thereby safeguarding yourself and your money.

Not to mention that data show that the COVID-19 pandemic has played a decisive role in this shift in mindset. 

Many clients who never considered private aviation in the past and tried this experience would never go back. 

Save time and money.

Get ready to travel with President Voyage Jets.

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