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President Voyage Jet Partnership B2B

For over a decade, President Voyage Jets has established solid partnerships B2B.
We work through multiple industries such as travel agencies, concierge companies, family offices, and large hospitality groups.

President Voyage Jets relieves you from having to charter a private jet. We let you concentrate on reselling our services to maximize your profit.

Transparency and constant direct communication with us is the key to our success together.


Elevate your clients’ travel experience with President Voyage Jets

Discover the benefits of partnership with President Voyage Jets for all of your clients’ private travel needs.
Trust in our expertise, flexibility, and commitment to ensure quality service for an elevated travel experience.

Best price guarantee for private jet flight services

With the best flight crew and customized in-flight menus prepared by Michelin-starred chefs with special culinary requests.

Customized service

Every journey is unique and every traveler has different needs and preferences. That’s why we offer customizable options to ensure that your flight is tailored to your specific requirements.

Responsive assistance and human contact

We make sure to be efficient in our responsiveness. We offer constant availabilty for any joint service requests. We believe in forming a good relationship above anything else

Safety, accuracy and time-saving

President Voyage Jets is able to offer a comprehensive package of security services. Everything will be done with care to avoid waiting and wasted time.


With our cutting-edge technology and streamlined service, we can guarantee you the best possible service and pricing. Leveraging 10 years of experience in private aviation, we have honed our expertise to provide superior service and extremely competitive pricing.

Our efficient systems allow us to respond in less than 15 minutes, offering you a customized quote tailored to your precise needs. Experience luxury and convenience in private jet travel with us today!

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